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It is considered the ‘Sovereign of Gemstones.’ This wonderful gemstone can be white, blue, or in any event, shining multicolor. “Opal” comes from the Sanskrit word Upala, which suggests “precious stone.” This comes from the stories from ancient India, which said the Mother Goddess changed Mary Goddess of the Rainbow into a stone to save lots of her from the amorous attentions of three gods. The word was adopted in Latin during Roman times as opalus.

Why should you choose Ethiopian Opal Gemstone? Opal is one among the official birthstones for the month of October (along with pink tourmaline) and an alternate birthstone for April. it’s modernly wont to mark the 14th anniversary of a wedding. Most opals are sedimentary in nature–that is, they’re created from the layers laid down by ancient waterways. Ethiopian opals, however, are hydrophane opals, created as a result of volcanic activity, forming in nodules within the volcanic ash in the stratum between rhyolite layers.

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