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Sodalite Gemstone is usually a deep blue mineral that gets its name from its sodium content. A sodalite deposit was discovered in Greenland in 1806 then sodalite ornaments were seen in 1891, when larger deposits of gem-quality material were found in Ontario, Canada. aside from blue, sodalite are often gray, yellow, orange or pink. However, for gemstone use, sodalite is usually blue, and sometimes has white veins running through it. Sodalite is additionally sometimes sold as “alomite”, “blue stone” and “ditroite”.Sodalite tends to exhibit a vitreous luster with a greasy luster on fractures. it’s transparent to opaque, and may be interspersed with white calcite inclusions that appear as if veins or patches.

Why should you choose Sodalite Gemstone?  Sodalite beads are popular in beaded necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Beads are often spherical, tubular, square or tumbled. Sodalite also makes attractive cabochon pendants, rings and earrings. Sodalite are often set in silver, gold or copper. It are often wire-wrapped or utilized in tribal-style jewelry.

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