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Gemstone Silver Jewelry is a ‘thing’ in India, being very popular among the men and women. There are many ornaments made the same, such as silver jewellery earrings, silver jewellery bangles, silver jewellery sets for women, silver jewellery toe rings, jhumkas, long necklaces etc. Most of the ornaments made in silver are an inspiration taken from the integral parts of India.  While gold ornaments have more popularity in our culture, silver is not left behind as it is not just adorned by the women but also by the men, especially in rural India with exclusive designs.

Why should you choose Gemstone Silver Jewelry?
Pure Silver jewelry is extremely lightweight in comparison to gold. They can be worn for extended periods of time without even being felt. Gold jewelry often causes pain and can even destroy your ear lobes if worn for long durations. Silver is extraordinarily durable and strong. The only exception to this rule is if you have antique silver jewelry. … Resale value: It is difficult to cut and use a diamond again.

Buy Online Silver Jewelry in India
This category includes Silver Jewelry maangtikka, payals, silver toe rings, oxidised silver necklaces, rings, silver jewelry long haram, hair brooch, silver maatils and sindoor dabbi. All of these are hallmark silver jewelry and are those essential things that add to the detailing of all the looks. Find here all the Silver Jewelry at Shyama gems at the best price, we are also the leading Loose Gemstones manufacturers, suppliers & exporter in India

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