Ametrine Uneven Rose Cut Flat Cabochon


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Gemstone: Ametrine

Piece: 5 Piece

Shape: Uneven Faceted Rose cut



Ametrine Uneven Rose Cut Flat CabochonAmetrine, a rare blend of amethyst and citrine, is an extremely rare gem. This happens when amethyst and citrine appear in one dolce. Ametrine is usually purple and yellow or orange in color. The areas of the two colors in the stone are so different that Ametrine does not match the others.

Ametrine is inherently indeterminate. Nearly all of the world’s industrial production of amethyst takes place in the Anahi mine in southeastern Bolivia, but exploration for amethyst is currently underway in India and Brazil. Ametrine is a natural semi-precious stone in the Quartz Minerals family and is a two-tone gemstone.

Ametrine is commonly used to help recover from depression, lethargy, malaise, stress, and tension. It is considered a natural sedative and provides peace and relaxation. Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine that you can make more money from. The healing properties of ametrine also enhance individual spirituality and emotional focus. Ametrine is used in meditation and coordination to help you reach higher levels of consciousness faster. It helps you integrate spiritual values and skills into your daily life and supports spirituality as a way of life. Balances the inflow and outflow of energy.

Ametrine Uneven Rose Cut Flat Cabochon is considered to be a double stimulus for the elimination of toxins from the body. Ametrine is available in a variety of colors ranging from pale lavender to deep purple, purplish yellow, and yellow-orange.

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Ametrine Uneven Rose Cut Flat Cabochon

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Orange, Purple


Cabochon, Rose Cut

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Ametrine Uneven Rose Cut Flat Cabochon

Ametrine Uneven Rose Cut Flat Cabochon