Aquamarine Uneven Rose Cut Flat


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Gemstone: Aquamarine

Piece: 5 Piece

Shape: Uneven Faceted Rose cut

Size: Mix Lot

Aquamarine Uneven Rose Cut Flat — The meaning of the aquamarine stone is mainly related to the sea from which the name originated. Everything that symbolizes the endless blue sea lies in the meaning of this stone. Means comfortable joy and serenity. A stone that encourages you to let go of your emotions and regulates bad thoughts and experiences that are causing you problems. The stone inspires confidence and truth.

The healing power of Aquamarine is excellent for emotional, mental and physical healing. The calming and calming effect of the stone shown in this sense helps to honestly and meaningfully identify and eliminate the latent anger and fear that are responsible for all emotional trauma. .. It is believed that the properties of aquamarine associated with physical healing are closely related to breathing when there is an ancient emotional trauma that prevents you from moving forward in life.

Aquamarine, also known as the “breath stone”, helps relieve problems with the airways, lungs, and sinuses. It is believed to be effective for bronchitis, colds, hay fever and various allergies. When it comes to skin conditions and other problems like ailments, aquamarine seems to be beneficial for anyone with skin irritations. This semi-precious stone belongs to the beryl family of gemstones.

Aquamarine Uneven Rose Cut Flat ability to make people feel more and more intensely contributes to the healing of the mind.

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Aquamarine Uneven Rose Cut Flat

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Cabochon, Rose Cut

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Aquamarine Uneven Rose Cut Flat

Aquamarine Uneven Rose Cut Flat