Australian Opal Chips Beads


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Strand Length: 34 inch

Shape: Raw polish

GemStone: Australian Opal

Cut Grade: Smooth

Australian Opal Chips Beads — Australian opal is considered one of the finest opal gemstones found in mines. This gem is available in a vibrant base color with a rich, colorful and fiery flash that lasts forever.

It is considered one of the finest opal gemstones found in mines. Our passion for fine semi-precious stone stems from our range of styles. The shape and size of the beads allow you to embody creative ideas. Emphasize your desire for charm decorating by creating gems, gem finds, amulets and bracelets! And this makes us a major supplier of Indian opal gemstones.

Australian opal is a Venus gem. Australian Opal Chips Beads wearing brings love and happiness into your life. It also brings many positive results in our lives. The Australian gemstone, opal, was formed many years ago by combining silica and water in cracks and voids, but it is the most colorful, dazzling, and beautiful of all gemstones. jewelry.

Opals form on Earth over millions of years and are extremely difficult to find and extract. Each piece of opal is “unique” and cannot be duplicated or duplicated! The great thing about opals is that they can represent any color in the spectrum.

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Australian Opal Chips Beads

Australian Opal Chips Beads