Carnelian Beads Rosary Chain


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Stone : Carnelian

Metal: Gold Plated

Size: 4-5mm

Shape: Smooth Rectangle

Quantity – One Foot (Default)


Carnelian Beads Rosary ChainCarnelian dates back to ancient Egypt and played many roles in it, from fertility stones to passion and even courage in ancient warriors and hunters.
Outside of ancient Egypt, witches used carnelian. You will use the energy of this mighty rock to move other rocks. Many also considered the stone to be a symbol of the situation and wearing it protected the disease and helped prevent problems. Associated with the sign of the Virgo or the autumn months of August and September

More commercial orange garnet is coming from India, but countries around the world are gaining ground. Brazil, Egypt, and Uruguay are also important sources of this stone with the help of iron oxide. Carnelian is fascinated by the fiery flickering of the setting sun or the first flames of autumn. It is a symbol of courageous energy, warmth and joy that lasts as long as it is strengthened and stimulated. It is considered the stone of courage, perseverance, energy, leadership, and motivation. It’s a semi-precious stone.

Carnelian Beads Rosary Chain have historically inspired and protected us with their bright and rich colors. Carnelian is said to balance and open the sacred chakras that store our creative and sexual energy. This is the energy point of the orange, just like a crystal, it absorbs energy and increases vitality. Carnelian stones are believed to be great for balancing the body’s energy levels, improving coordination during exercise, and serving as an educational aid. This is because carnelian can help stimulate muscles and distribute oxygen evenly throughout the body. Like all crystals, it takes a great deal of care and effort to use more of its power. Water is a way to neutralize negative energy stored in garnet crystals and bring it back to normal. Naturally running water, like a river or stream, is best, but you can wash it under running water if necessary.

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Carnelian Beads Rosary Chain

Carnelian Beads Rosary Chain