Chrysocolla Faceted Fancy Shape Beads


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Stone – Chrysocolla

Size – 8×20-10×20 mm

Shape – Fancy Beads

Length – 8 inch

Chrysocolla Faceted Fancy Shape Beads — The name chrysocolla comes from the Greek word chrysocolla, which means gold, and kora, which means adhesive translated as gold solder. When used in ancient texts, the word refers to the solder used for gold, but also green copper carbonate, also known as malachite, or the hydrated blue copper silicate, which is today’s stone. .. It is unknown if this is known as chrysocolla.
Chrysocolla is very popular among jewelers because of its impressive and intricate appearance. It is also popular with people who appreciate and understand its spiritual strength and benefits. Chrysocolla gently draws out all sorts of negative energy and is especially useful in transitions such as interruptions and unemployment, among other similar situations. Similarly, chrysocolla calms emotions and brings understanding to unpleasant relationships. Chrysocolla is the perfect piece to use as a daily support stone. Helps you easily address issues and changes.
Chrysocolla Spirit Meaning :
Chrysocolla is recognized as a jewel of communication that can be spoken and heard and is ideal for teachers and anyone who needs to give a speech. It is advisable to bring Chrysocolla jewelry to the conference or conference. Wise women, healers, midwives, and grandmothers have a special affinity for chrysocolla. It helps them pass on their knowledge to the younger generation and allows accumulated learning and wisdom to continue to help them.
Advantages of chrysocolla:
Chrysocolla crystal enhances the workplace and protects computers and mobile phones, so keep it on your desk. To clean the chrysocolla gems, place them under running water. A fountain or stream is ideal, but a faucet is sufficient. Chrysocolla can be a little delicate, so don’t do anything too bad or harmful. By maintaining this theme, Chrysocolla has the feminine energy to honor the Greek goddess Sophia, to promote wisdom, tranquility, and upbringing. Chrysocolla stimulates creativity, inner balance and self-awareness. Chrysocolla Faceted Fancy Shape Beads can be used when angry, guilty, or guilty. It gently promotes awareness and understanding of this process, allows it, and creates an energy of love and joy. Chrysocolla is a powerful stone that aligns all chakras with God. Chrysocolla is a semi-precious stone.

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Chrysocolla Faceted Fancy Shape Beads

Chrysocolla Faceted Fancy Shape Beads