Citrine Uneven Rose Cut Flat


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Gemstone: Citrine

Piece: 5 Piece

Shape: Uneven Faceted Rose cut


Citrine Uneven Rose Cut Flat Citrine is a yellow gem that means “lemon” in French. Its name is associated with the color of the citrine crystal and its beautiful yellow color. Throughout history, citrine crystals are known by many of their names: trader stones, golden topaz, Spanish topaz, Madeira, safranine. The importance of this crystal is related to its comforting energy, driven by the power of the sun and the increase in personal desires. This stone is used for revival, creativity, hope, and dreams. Citrine is translucent quartz made of silicone. Since the silicone component is also present in the human body, its energy is easy to sympathize with the user. It has a unique triangular shape. Yellow is due to the presence of iron. Citrine Uneven Rose Cut Flat crystals are used because of their ability to absorb negative energy from humans and the environment. To get the most out of it, you need to clean it from time to time. The physical healing properties of citrine crystals are associated with energy properties that enhance endurance, energy levels, intelligence, concentration, wisdom, self-confidence, and mental clarity. It is also beneficial to stabilize and balance the production of growth-related hormones. Citrine is a French word that means lemon because of its color.

Citrine can be found in a variety of locations, including Brazil, Spain, France, Russia, the United States, and several other countries.

Citrine is called The Merchant Stone because it has the ability to increase business and profits not only to earn wealth but also to maintain it! Citrine attracts love and encourages you to be open to new relationships. It promotes responsibilities and commitments that can lead to long-lasting and emotionally satisfying romance. For constant access to the sparkle and stimulating energy of this gem, wear some as jewelry bracelets and rings are fine, but especially because the necklace is just above the solar plexus, the citrine chakra. It’s effective. Citrine can be combined with essential oils for use in massage therapy. Citrine stone activates massage oil, the energy of which promotes circulation in the body and improves the condition of the skin. With citrine, the oil penetrates the skin much better, helps eliminate cellulite, and relieves muscle contraction. Citrine is classified as a semi-precious stone.

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Citrine Uneven Rose Cut

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Cabochon, Rose Cut

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Citrine Uneven Rose Cut Flat

Citrine Uneven Rose Cut Flat