Crystal Quartz Coated Faceted Gemstone Rondelle


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Stone – Crystal Coated
Size – 3.5-4mm
Length – 12 inch
Shape – Rondelle
Finish – Faceted Rondelle

Crystal Quartz Coated Faceted Gemstone Rondelle — In ancient times, clear crystals quartz called crystal balls were used to carve crystal balls, and people believed that they could see the future just by looking at them. This illusion was probably related to the fact that the crystal ball reflected the distorted image of the observer, but gems have been associated with magical and mysterious traits for centuries to the present day. It has been firmly identified. The use of crystals is related to balance, transparency, and energy, and benefits from general health and mental health.
Carrying, carrying, and meditating with a transparent crystal opens the mind and mind to higher guidance, and the realm of the mind is transferred to and translated into the world of physical form. It is said. Perhaps this is why it is so popular in jewelry that it can be brought closer to the body and has the power to enhance the wearer’s inner spirit and appearance. Quartz is a chameleon of all gems. Noble quality crystals can occur in more than 12 different colors and types, depending on the geological factors that contribute to their formation and the impurities found in the crystals. Many of these are also known by other names in addition to quartz: citrine, amethyst, chrysoprase, onyx, chalcedony, etc.
Colorless crystals are called clear quartz crystals. The word “crystal” comes from the Greek word Kurstalos. This means “ice crystals” because I thought the crystals were pieces of ice that were so frozen that they wouldn’t melt again. The finest rock crystals are transparent and shiny in water and have been used throughout history for carving ornaments and bowls. Today, it is found primarily in jewelry and is praised for its clear, cloudless transparency and accessibility compared to other gems.
Clear quartz stones were used to avoid black magic, perform healing, and connect with spirits. During the Middle Ages, clear crystals were carved into crystal balls for fortune-telling.
The name of quartz comes from the Greek word crystallos, or “ice”. The ancient Greeks worshiped clear quartz as constantly frozen ice made by the gods. On the other hand, other ancient civilizations had their own legends about transparent crystals. Crystal Quartz Coated Faceted Gemstone Rondelle is classified as a semi-precious stone.

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Crystal Quartz coated faceted gemstone rondelle

Crystal Quartz Coated Faceted Gemstone Rondelle