Fire Opal Rosary Chain GOLD Plated


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Gemstone: Fire-Opal Hydro

Bead Size: 3MM Beads

Beads Hole Size: 0.5MM

Default Foot Quantity 1 Foot.

Fire Opal Rosary Chain GOLD Plated — Fire-Opal In contrast to common opal, whose body color is usually white to gray, fire opal is beautifully orange to orange-yellow and has a good warm glow of the fire. This is truly one of the most unique gemstones in the world.

Fire Opal is an unusual opal from Mexico, the color of which varies from yellow to orange to red-orange. Like the famous Opal , fire Opal is hydrated silica. But unlike traditional opals, many Mexican opals are transparent enough.
Playing with color, body color and transparency are the three criteria that determine the price of fire Opal. The clearer the fire and the darker the red, the more valuable it is. Extremely reddish-orange-colored fire Opal from Mexico with a strong rainbow. The rarest and therefore most valuable fire Opal is found in a handful of small deposits worldwide such as Guatemala in the USA, Brazil, Canada and Turkey.
Above the mountainous area where extinct volcanoes cover the landscape are many mines that are now producing small amounts of fire Opal, and this gem was first discovered by a couple looking for branches and logs to start a fire. At first, they thought it was amber and kept it as a souvenir, and just a few years later they showed the piece to a friend of a jewelry collector who had correctly identified it as opal and began a search to find the depot. Fire Opal Rosary Chain GOLD Plated is a semi-precious stone.

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Fire Opal Rosary Chain GOLD Plated

Fire Opal Rosary Chain GOLD Plated