Natural Ethiopian Opal Smooth Pear Beads


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MOQ – 5 Strands


Gemstone: Ethiopian Opal

Origin: Ethiopia

Shape: Smooth Pear

Strand Length: 6inches

Size – 6×4-7×10 MM Approx

Drilled Size – 0.40mm

Natural Ethiopian Opal Smooth Pear Beads — Discovered in the headwaters of Ethiopia in 2008, this opal helps illuminate the activities and positive emotions of the person wearing it. Promotes real nature and good character and helps the wearer to maximize their potential. It is known for its karmic superiority because it helps the person wearing it remember that whatever it sends will eventually return to it. Despite its porosity, it has proven to be very stable. It also displays a variety of colors ranging from fluorescent red to orange, as well as green to blue, white to yellow, and brown to fire. It also works together with colors like turquoise and indigo to create an eye-catching pattern that makes this Ethiopian Opal unique. This gemstone evokes passion, hope, virtue, purity, joy, love and happiness throughout the life of the person who wears it. This stone is ideal for curbing the vitality, calm, calming power and complexity of the water. This calming crystal protects the wearer from negativity and is often viewed as ancient gravel. Karma burns the past and opens the way to rebirth. It is traditionally believed to contain a soul hologram that also allows the user to access their past, present, and future.

This jewel, known as the Jewel of Fortune, is configured to activate the base and base chakras. It unites all microorganisms in a state of equilibrium so that the body as a whole can work in harmony. Historically, this Ethiopian Opal carries the positive energy of the dragon which purifies the entire halo as well as the halo that surrounds the planet. This fascinating crystal helps the wearer on his cosmic journey. Natural Ethiopian Opal Smooth Pear Beads helps to amaze the wearer with the communicative ability that is the voice of the afterlife.

The Queen of Sheba, a character in the Hebrew Bible and various local narratives, is said to have brought opals to Jerusalem during her visit to King Solomon. The description of its surroundings in the Book of Kings describes “a very large procession with camels carrying spices and lots of gold and precious stones”. Her homeland, which many believe is today’s Yemen, brought the Queen closer to the mines of what is now Ethiopia by sea than to Jerusalem by land.A semi-precious variety.

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Natural Ethiopian Opal Smooth Pear Beads

Natural Ethiopian Opal Smooth Pear Beads